In brief

Addresses the question: How does one take the principles from the rēp Venture and get them working in your organization?

The emphasis of this track is Stewarding the trust given to leaders through the rēp Consultation, based on The Institute’s 10-P Model®

Overview of Business Mentoring Track

Coming as a client or consultant to a rēp Venture involves a commitment, and you have made this commitment in the past. Having been exposed to God’s intended plan for your organization you now have a responsibility. Ezra is a positive role model: he studied what was revealed, practiced it, and passed it on. The Business Mentoring Track will give you the opportunity to do what Ezra did:

  1. Study it: dig deeper into the foundational truths concerning business.
  2. Do it: The i4Center team will help hold you accountable to do the things that you committed to do.
  3. Teach it: training, coaching, mentoring and passing on to others in the organization that which you have yourself grasped and practiced.
    •  One meeting a month for 10 months in a cohort of up to 10 companies
    •  One scorecarding session (one on one) per month for 10 months
    •  A cohort with likeminded leaders who have attended the rēp Venture
    •  50% discount to attend Special Acceleration Events by i4C acceleration network
    •  Access to The Institute’s 10-P Scorecard online for a year


  • Any past rēp Client
  • Any size of company
  • In Cape Town, or join remotely via conferencing


  • Get buy-in from key staff to the direction you set during the Venture.
  • Steward the revelation you received from God and disseminate the principles to team.
  • Do a “Societal Impact Assessment” that stretches your thinking about the impact your organization is having on society.
  • Develop a clear Purpose statement for your organization that will be challenged sharpened by peers.
  • Focus the presentations delivered on final Venture day which will help your corporate communications.
  • Refine the near-term action plan, particularly for the top three P’s.
  • Clear priority set for the remaining P’s.
  • Refined and updated 10-P Scorecard.