In brief

Addresses the question: What are the bedrock beliefs unique to our organization consistent with eternal principles, that can guide and govern what we do for generations to come?

A series of five workshops where participants from a company/organization go through a workbook to uncover their foundational principles, document them, and test them with stakeholders inside and outside the business.

Overview of Foundational Principles

You will be given some background reading to get lubricate your thinking about the topic, then have 5 day-long workshops. In between their will be some group work to process what is surfaced in the workshops.


  • None
  • Any size of company


  • Build understanding and consensus among management team.
  • Prevent mission drift.
  • Document long-lasting principles that will underpin what you do for decades to come.
  • Surface misalignment before it costs your business a lot of pain and money.
  • Give those who will never align with your core constructs to find a different place to fulfill their career aspirations.